Sustainable Business Development

The value of adopting a green approach to business

Are you ready to meet Maaike?

Maaike is naturally inclined to see sustainable opportunities and translate these into new concepts, products or services. Maaike inspires people and organizations get behind change and innovation.
She enthusiastically leads processes for sustainable change, since new opportunities come with organizational - and often cultural - change.

'Rather than telling people what to do, I am interested in widening their horizon. For me, this is about going on a journey.'

Are you ready for the next step in your company or organization?

Sustainable business development means identifying new opportunities for the future. With my strategic guidance, you will think outside the box to develop sustainable concepts, services or products for existing or new customers.
Should additional funding be needed, I link you to investors, funds or subsidies.

Are you ready to think and act differently?

Innovation is the power to respond and adapt your business to changes in society. Sustainable business is not just about technical innovation but also about a different mindset.
My added value is facilitating the process around the human dimension of innovation, and to do so through collaboration, connection, inspiration and motivation. At the end of the day, new business is impossible to generate without committed people.

How to build a network that works
for my organization?

Innovation requires change on the inside and outside. Whether your organization is large or small, achieving innovative concepts, products or services often requires working with others.
As part of my service, I match partners with established companies, investors to sustainable start-ups (for-profit or not-for-profit), and help build bridges for cooperation.